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“Wellness is the mastery of one’s physical and mental wellbeing – weight, fitness, nutrition, stress, health, and the mindset to sustain wellness. Wellness coaching is a new paradigm for helping people become masters of their wellness.”


Training and Certification

I received my training and certification as a Professional Health and Wellness Coach from the Wellcoaches School of Coaching. Wellcoaches is endorsed by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine. Wellcoaches is the gold standard for innovative, evidenced based, education and certification in health coaching. 

What to expect in coaching sessions

Through thoughtful questions about what you are truly longing for in your health, I will help you to create a wellness vision for your life that uniquely reflects what you believe is the best version of yourself.  Creating a wellness vision is an incredibly powerful tool. Very few people take the time to reflect and think holistically about their health, what they really want for themselves and what they see as their best version of themselves. We will work through this thought process together and you will come away with a written wellness vision that will be a key motivator in your journey.  

Through safe and honest conversations, we will collaborate to create 3 month goals that support your wellness vision. Each week we will work together to create new 1 week goals to take small steps toward the 3 month goals. Small steps over time lead to big changes!  You decide what is important to you and what goals to pursue. My role is to help you discover and leverage your unique motivators, strengths and resources to achieve your goals and help problem solve and encourage you when challenges occur. 

What makes me different as a coach

My faith:

  • I am a Christian and if you would like, I would be happy to pray before, during or after our coaching sessions. 

My interpersonal style:

  • I am a good listener, striving not to think about what I am going to say when you stop talking but instead being fully present and really listening to you in order to understand what you are saying and feeling. I will be your accountability partner for your health and wellness but do so in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. 

Variety in my knowledge base, experiences and skill sets: 

  • I am certified as a mindfulness instructor and can provide resources  and teach you simple mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and promote restful sleep.
  • I am certified in professional plant based culinary arts. For years, I cooked meat and potato meals. After studying the science, I have chosen to adopt a whole food plant based diet. This required a new way of preparing foods which is why I completed the plant based culinary arts program. If you are on a journey to include less processed foods and more fruits and vegetables in your diet I can provide recipes and resources to help!
  • I practiced dentistry for 13 years followed by 13 years serving as a full time University faculty member, eventually serving as Academic Dean. I worked on interprofessional teams to provide healthcare and conduct research which honed my skills in communication, problem solving and collaboration.  
What my clients are saying

“I had the distinct pleasure to work with Pam as a client and her ability to define what I could not put into words was amazing! I always felt we were partners on a journey to discover my best self and how to take those small actionable steps to get there. Pam always demonstrates professionalism, patience and was consistently judgement free as I made steps forward with a few bumps in the road. It is great to have Pam in your corner as you fight the sometimes uphill battle in personal health and wellness. I highly recommend partnering with her!”

– Walter Z.

“Pam is an amazing health coach! She is both thoughtful and thought provoking in the way she works with you to pinpoint your key desires and set goals to achieve them. Her expertise has been a real value to me. I highly recommend her!

– Andrea C.
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